Niki's Back on Track

{July 8, 2012}   Why am I blogging?

Hello everyone!

Once upon a time, I was in the Illinois Army National Guard.  I went to basic training as all those in the armed forces do.  I really loved the military!   I was a distance runner and loved the miles we ran almost daily.  During and after basic, I was in the best physical shape of  my life!   Once I returned, I continued to run and exercise.  I had many running or exercising buddies who kept me accountable and motivated.

Needless to say, I have been out of the military for about 8 years now and I am in the worst shape of my life.  Loosing baby weight after two children has been difficult.  I live a very fast-paced lifestyle and tend to have difficulty planning healthy meals and sticking to a regular workout schedule.  My family and I joined the YMCA in January 2012.  I had a strong start to the year.  I was working out three times a week, but that tapered off once my workout buddy and I became inconsistent.

I am very disappointed in myself lately.  I have been eating a lot of fast food and I have not been working out at all.  My goal is to get back on track! I need to focus on eating better and exercising regularly.  If I have an audience, I will be able to have cyber-drill sergeants to keep me in line!!

HELP!  I need your support, encouragement, and advice.  I will be reporting about what activities I partake in and some of my dining choices.  I may even report about when I resist temptation!  I hope to lose some weight and feel better as I dive into my endeavor.


suzstj says:

Niki – If you need a swimming buddy, I am in! I love to swim and would also love to get in better shape. I, too, am a YMCA member and membership cards work at all YMCAs.

Way to go Niki! I also try to stay healthy and exercise, but I can’t exercise the way I used to. I used to be at the gym every morning by five or six in the morning and work our for an hour or more. I will be around to root you on and yell at you like a drill sergeant if you need it. My husband always tells me I should be a cop at O’Hare airport and I think that is equivalent to a drill sergeant. -Ann

niki1975 says:

Thanks for the encouragement!! I’m not a big swimmer Suz, but I can always give it a try. I like the kickboxing and zumba aerobics classes.
I didn’t know you could use a YMCA membership at any Y!
Is there a Y we can go to that is close for both of us? Maybe before or after class on a day?

angiegq says:

When I was reading your first entry, I was immediately taken back to speech class (ugh!) where you told the story of how you found out you were pregnant over seas. That was a great story, with a happy ending. And this current story is going to have a great ending too! I know how hard it is to lose weight and than maintain. I thinks it’s almost harder to maintain than to lose. I am in the same predicament as you. I have not been eating well (a lot of stress eating, surprisingly!) and have not be excercising like I usually do. Before MLIT, I would work out 4 times a week. For awhile it was non-existant, but I’ve been trying to get back into the groove. You have a lot of will power my friend. I cannot even imagine the routine of getting into shape that you had to endure for the military. If you can do that, you can do anything! I know you are in the right frame of mind to get back to the healthier state that you want. No more cookies from Panera!!!!!

jensens29 says:

Sounds like this will be a pretty meaningful blog. Have you looked into any websites that help you meet your goals? If not, the following are two that you can look at and see if they might provide some extra push for accomplishing what you have set out to do.

niki1975 says:

Wow! Thanks Shane! I will look at those more closely. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated when I first glanced at them. I guess I am really getting the accountability I need! Thanks for the push in the right direction!

megane23 says:

Niki! This is such an amazing idea for your blog. Last year, I buckled down and did the workout/eat healthier routine. I fell in love with Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire (a cardio kickboxing dvd program). Actually, Kristen and I do this together after school in our classrooms! I used to keep my food on track. I can show you around the site after/before class sometime. It was one of the key pieces to my success (lost close to 30 pounds!) Keep going! Also, I think its amazing that you were in the National Guard. I’d love to hear stories!

kristen says:

Hey Niki! I read through all your posts a week or two ago but was having an issue posting my comments, so I am back again to say that I think it is so awesome that you are blogging about this! I really admire you and can’t wait to cheer you on throughout your journey!! 🙂

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