Niki's Back on Track

{July 9, 2012}   Sunday, July 8th Update

Breakfast: Coffee & Apple Toaster Struedel

Lunch: 7-up, Plain Turkey Sandwich, Ramon Noodles, and 1 cup of popcorn

Dinner:  ?(Chicken or steak)  fried potatoes, corn (Hubby’s surprise for my birthday dinner.)

Workout: Just Dance 2 /Just Sweat/ 2 songs = 8 minutes



nzshamm says:

Great idea Niki! Believe me I have felt and still do feel like that…especially with our busy schedules! Just remember to make time for yourself everyday! I am not a mom, so I know this is probably hard—but it is important that you are happy with yourself. You can do it! I can see that this week your goal is to work out and you are on the right track! Go girl!

nzshamm says:


niki1975 says:

Thank you!! BTW, it is a steak and potatoes dinner! I’m afraid to even look up the calories!

kristen says:

I am so glad you are noting even the short work-outs! I am sure that 8 minutes seems like nothing to you after all the time you spent working out during your days in the National Guard (24/7 probably right??) but sometimes 8 minutes is all we have! And ya know what, 8 minutes is better than 0! Every little bit counts – you go girl! 🙂

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