Niki's Back on Track

{August 14, 2012}   Couch to 5K Training Begins…

What a nice week with my girlies!  We went out for a bike ride several times this week.  Granted, we didn’t go far, but since Olivia rides such a tiny bike, she has to pedal about 3 times for every one of my rotations.  We are looking into a trailer bar to attach to her bike, so we can go further.

On one of our errand running expeditions, we decided to head to JCPenney.  I had a $20 gift card that was burning a whole in my wallet.

A side note for all my friends with kids… 

JCPenney is having a special for the month of August.    All kids’ haircuts are FREE!  Kindergarten through 6th grade students can receive a free haircut.We took advantage and both my girls are ready for the school year with a fresh doo!

Another great deal is Barnes and Noble’s Summer Reading Program.  When kids read 8 books, they can redeem their log for a FREE book!  The girls and I took advantage of both of these deals this week.

Back to the workout…

While there, I discovered a great sale on women’s workout clothes.  Normally, I don’t like shopping for clothes, but this deal was too great to pass up!  Tops were as low as $5 and bottoms were as low as $7.  I was geared up and ready for zumba!  I felt motivated.

Then, the worst thing that could have happened did; I discovered the zumba class was cancelled.  Normally, this is my cue to abandon working out and find some excuse to do the one million other items on my to-do list.  However, I was strangely motivated to wear my new workout attire, so I decided to run in order to better prepare for the training program the next day.

I was so proud of myself!  I ran 3/4 of a mile following the Couch to 5 K (C25K) model on my smartphone with the C25K app.  The model starts by building one’s endurance.  Each week requires 3 workouts.  One runs for 60 seconds, then walks for 90 seconds.  This cycle continues 8 times.

Thursday, I ran with the C25K group.

Friday, I rode bikes with my girls again.

Saturday, I ran with the C25K group in the morning, then I went swimming with my girls at a birthday party.  WOW, I was tired and sore!

Sunday, we went for a bike ride again.

This morning I danced for 8 minutes with Just Dance 2!

I feel I’m on a roll, so hopefully I will not lose steam when school starts.  I’m planning on running a few 5Ks.  Brookfield Zoo has a ZooRunRun on Sunday, September 23rd.  Join me if you want!

Wish me luck!


Keep going Niki! Exercise helps in so many ways. I love the pictures of your clothes where your daughter is sticking a body part in the shot. I really got a good laugh at that. Enjoy this time! Back to class and school next week.

theparalyzer says:

It sounds like you have re-energized yourself after sitting at the computer for all those weeks. I hope you can keep up the exercise once school starts. 🙂

Niki, I love your girls “photo-bombing” the pictures! SO CUTE! It gave me the giggles! I love the C25K. I have done it a few different times when I am trying to build up my endurance and stamina. Good luck with your workout routine. This is always a challenging time of year with school starting. I am so proud of you for being motivated. Did you see Amy’s blog post? She had a great app for mapping your running route. I can’t wait to try it!

kristen says:

You go girl! Awesome job on all those workouts! And I love the new clothes – I totally agree about clothes helping motivate the workout! Whatever works right?? 🙂

lorisboys says:

Sounds like you have gotten some great exercise and had fun doing it (a double win!). Love the new clothes… the pictures were awesome. Keep up the great work.

megane23 says:

I love the pictures of the new clothes. They almost make me want to go workout…almost. 🙂 Proud of you for not abandoning working out after the Zumba class. I’ve heard great things about the couch to 5k app. I wish you luck! The zoo run looks fabulous! Everytime I’ve run a 5k, I get so distracted by all the people and excitement and location that I almost forget that I’m running! It’s so much fun!

You are certainly on your way! Hurray! I agree that having new workout clothes does get you motivated. Perhaps that’s what I need to do because, so far, I have not been motivated. 😦 Glad you are, though.

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