Niki's Back on Track

{August 22, 2012}   Corn Classic 3K

First, after my very first day with students in my classroom, I made it to my 5K training session yesterday!  I’m very proud of myself because I did not want to go!!  However, I conducted some positive self talk and was able to get my bootie in gear.  I have a workout partner, but I find I tend to be held more accountable since I am running with an entire group.  They will notice if I’m gone, and my workout partner is too forgiving of my absences!

IT band stretching:  I recently learned from my chiropractor and various wellness experts at the YMCA that as a runner, I should be stretching out my IT band.  This tendon runs along the side of the leg.  A foam roll can be used to properly stretch.  Be prepared because it HURTS, but of course, in a good way!  For my visual friends, watch this You Tube Video to learn how to stretch this tendon.


I’m planning on getting some race practice by participating in this Saturday’s Corn Classic! It is a 10K run or a 3K walk/run.  This will give me an idea of the race atmosphere, so I can better prepare for my 5K goals!

A 3K is 1.76 miles.  I have been covering this distance in my training sessions, so I should be able to handle it.  Wish me luck!


Good luck, Niki! I’m sure you’ll do great!

Niki, so impressed and so proud of you working out after the first day of school! There’s no way I could do that, no matter who was counting on me! Haha. Kudos to you – keep up the good work! 🙂

heatherk5 says:

Niki, you are an inspiration to me! You are juggling being a mother, teacher, and athlete (among many other roles, I’d imagine)…and doing it with grace. I will definitely think of you the next time I’m going for a run and complaining about it. Way to go, girlfriend!!!!

Angie Gulliford says:

I am really proud of you! I know you had some setbacks at the beginning, but it’s great that you are back on track1 (No pun intended!) I am trying to get back on track too. I have been eating so much better and have lost a few pounds. I really need to lose a few x 4 to properly fit into my pants again, but it’s a start!

lorisboys says:

Sounds like you are back on track! It is great that you went to run even when you didn’t feel like it (I think this is the biggest hurdle and you jumped it). Keep up the great work and I hope you have an awesome run!

niki1975 says:

Thanks for all the moral support everyone! I am very proud of myself, and it feels good to be in a routine. I hope it lasts!

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