Niki's Back on Track

{September 1, 2012}   The Fruit Smootie!


I ran the 3K, AND I ran the whole time!!  No walking!

My friend Katrina and I right before the race.

Well, I have been training fairly regularly until this week.  😦  Due to Curriculum Night and class this Saturday, I’m missing 2 training sessions!  UGH!  To compensate, I decided to use a gift card to buy ZUMBA for the Wii!  I was getting bored with Just Dance, so I decided it was best I had more options rather than abandon my workouts.  Instead of running yesterday, I completed 20 minutes of home ZUMBA!!!  My legs  hurt all the way up to my tush!  (Have to remember to stretch better next time!)

Wish me luck that I will get up and ZUMBA before class tomorrow!  I’m not good at running by myself, so at least this will keep me moving.

My next goal is the Brookfield ZooRunRun on Sunday, September 23rd.  It is a 5K and proceeds go to the Conservation Fund.  What a great cause!


I have made good choices and poor choices, but I’m still conscious of it.  Ann blows me away with her will power!  I have trouble resisting fast food.  With such a crazy busy time, driving thrus are too easy.  😦

One change I’m trying to make is to curb my sweet tooth after workouts.  I always want to pig out, and I definitely crave something sweet!  I decided to try making fruit smoothies.  It is like I’m tricking myself into thinking it is a sweet shake when REALLY it is packed with great nutrients instead!!!  I don’t like yogurt, so the Almond Milk ingredient was appealing to me.



So far, so good!  I have really enjoyed the smoothies.  Pomegranate Pow is one of my favorites.  I’m trying to mix up the fruits to try new combinations.  Please let me know of any other fruity combos you would recommend!



When I cleaned and helped my son and his wife pack up their household, I barely ate a ,meal. I never stopped working to take the time to eat. Now that we are in Portland, we are trying all of the wonderful restaurants here. I took my first long walk yesterday, and my foot held up pretty well–only a little swelling. Your workout routine is inspiring me. 🙂

Niki- You should feel proud of yourself for keeping up with your workouts. We all know how hectic things become once school starts up…not to mention also being part of an intense Master’s program! Keep up the good work!

Niki-Yea for you, girl! It’s so hard to get back on track when you have a routine going! I’m not working out as much as I normally do, either. The Zumba is good alternative! Good luck training for the Brookfield Zoo run-so impressive. I’m trying the smoothie out this weekend, I’ll let you know!

justineob says:

GO NIKI!! I have trouble finding the time to work out and you have a family to take care of! I don’t know how you do it, but however you do it keep it up!! p.s. I’m going to try the smoothie this week 🙂

Niki, I agree; Ann has amazing will power! She puts me to shame.

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