Niki's Back on Track

{September 25, 2012}   Stressed OUT!!!

Okay everyone, I’ve been EXTREMELY stressed out lately!  (I’m sure most of my readers are as well.)  This depicts me perfectly the last week or two.

Exercise helps!  I am one who has been known for saying, “I don’t have time to exercise because I’m just too busy!”  I have been so tired I haven’t felt like it too.  This happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  I skipped a couple of workouts, and I’m certainly feeling the effects of the stress on my body.

I started to train on my regular schedule again.  I’m feeling better!  Less stress, and more Zen!

Moral of the story…. Exercise even if you think you can’t!


Great advice! I need to have more balance because this picture also represents my current state of mind! Fabulous job on the 5K! You inspired me to jog tonight after class…Coco and I did a quick jaunt around the block. 🙂

niki1975 says:

I’m so glad you were able to relieve some stress last night!! Coco can be your inspiration! 🙂

suzstj says:

When are you finding the time for this? Hurray for you! I am so impressed (and jealous).

Great inspiration, Niki! I am definitely one of those people who feels like I TRULY don’t have any time for working out (this year more than ever), but I know it would make a huge difference if I could just TRY to squeeze it in … Kevin and I called the gym today to check on the cost of gym memberships, so that’s the first step in the right direction! I need to get busy with this so I can fit into my wedding dress! Haha 🙂

niki1975 says:

I do my runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Y. The Kid’s Zone watches my kids for the hour I take out of my day. I do the same on Saturday mornings. Trust me; it’s worth it!

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